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#1 Sushi Machine in the World

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Sushi Machines

Automatic Sushi Machines & Rice Cookers

No other sushi machines can equal the art of making sushi by the most experienced sushi chefs than Suzumo Sushi Machines. Reliable and extremely consistent, professional sushi chefs, established restaurants and large corporations only use one brand – Suzumo.

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Sushi Nigiri Maker


1800 / Hour

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Sushi Nigiri Maker


4800 / Hour

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Sushi Nigiri Maker + Transfer


4200 / Hour

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Sushi Rice Sheet Maker


950 / Hour

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Sushi Roll Maker


200 / Hour

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Sushi Roll Maker


300 / Hour

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Sushi Roll Cutter


1500 / Hour

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Sushi Rice Mixer


Counter Top Model

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Rice-Serving Machine


Counter Top Model

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Sushi Rice Mixer


Floor Model

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Rice Washer


60 KG of Rice

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Sushi Wrapping Machine


2000 / Hour

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Omusubi Making Machine


3600 / Hour

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Industrial Machines

Customized for Factories

Safe, Fast & Reliable

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Oshizushi Maker


Press / Ractangle type sushi

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Manual Onigiri Maker


Onigiri / Lollipop sushi

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Sushi Mold


Oshizushi / Matsumae sushi mold

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Conveyor Belts / Express Lane

Food Delivery System

Costum Made Upon Request

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Induction Heater Rice Cooker

Tiger JIW-G540

5.4L / 5.6Q / 30cups

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Continuous Rice Cooker

Fujimak Rice Cooker

2.8 to 5.0 kg

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Makisu - Sushi Roll Mat

M Model

Dishwasher safe & bleach safe

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Soft Cutting Board

FSR series

Wood core structure & Hygienic

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Oils / Trays / Containers

Sold with Units & Separately

Make the perfect Sushi Burrito

Conveyor Rice Dispenser

Suzumo Machinery Company Limited

Since our development of the world's first Sushi Robot in 1981, we have grown to be the largest manufacturer of sushi machines in the world both in sales, manpower, and the number of diverse variety of machines.

Our product line-up ranges across over 70 equipment models, from ultra-compact to high-speed mass-production machines. Including sushi robots and other models that produce or serve sushi, omusubi, norimaki, inari-zushi, rice burgers, rice pizza, and custom models.

Producing high reliable machinery for small restaurants to large chain supermarkets, our efforts have earned us a high reputation and trust as a technologically cutting-edge firm. Owing to these efforts and our high reputation our company was listed in JASDAQ in April, 2003.


Founded in 1955

Since it's foundation, Suzumo has taken a bold challenge as a food machine manufacturer in the development of rice food processing machines that recreate the hand-made taste technique by the skilled chef.

First Ever Sushi Robot

Suzumo has developed the world’s first sushi robot in 1981, and since then it is by far the best selling Sushi machine in the world with over 90% market share.

Most Trusted in the Market

Suzumo has already mastered the Sushi Robots which hold the trust of our every customer.

PureRange Enterprises Ltd.

At PureRange Enterprises Ltd. we distribute high quality commercial equipment to the food and restaurant industry. As an exclusive distributor for many well known and established manufacturers, we have been introducing its unique brand of products to the Canadian and US markets.

Our equipment list consist of high quality products from Suzumo Sushi Machines, Yamato Noodle Machines, Yoshimasa Sushi Cases, Taiji Sake Warmers, and Kosei Yakitori Grillers.

Quick Fact

Suzumo has 90% market share in Japan and overseas

Better than Hand Roll

Explaining our SVR-BXA Sushi Roll Machine, one of our best selling products on the market in combination with the SVC-ATC Automatic Cutting Machine (Extremely Safe & Efficient).

Even the most experienced chefs can not make a perfect roll every time. With the SVR-BXA Sushi Roll Machine anyone can make consistent perfect rolls for both Nori (Seaweed) inside and outside such as California & Maki Roll.



6 kinds of Rolls can be memorized. Rice sheet length, thickness & density can be adjusted.


Rice Sheet

Rice sheets can be supplied continuously without rolling process.


Roll Up

Different Firmness settings & Re-roll up function can be done to further tighten the Rolls.



The SVC-ATC Automatic Cutting machine can be used to cut the Rolls perfectly.

Legendary Reliability

25 years old Rolling Machine still working!
Available to see in our showroom.


These days when labour and food cost keep climbing, these machines are a valuable tool in any sushi restaurant. As well finding and maintaining sushi chef is always a constant issue. Food cost can also be difficult to control if the product are not made consistently- size and portion.

Whether you have a small take out or a 400 seat restaurant, machines that help produce sushi is invaluable. Owner/operators of small restaurants can benefit if they have difficulties in finding employees. Large restaurants simply cannot produce sushi/rolls fast enough without using sushi machines. Regardless of the size of restaurant having these machines will help with efficiency and reducing cost.

Places such as restaurants, supermarkets, cafeterias, caterers, takeout, and even sushi burrito establishments can all benefit from having a sushi machine!

Made in Japan

Highest Quality

Trustable & Most Reliable


One Year

From the Date of Purchase



North America & Canada


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Quick Fact

Suzumo is the originator of Sushi Robots

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