Sushi Rice Mixer | MCR-SSC

Compact Design

Touch-panel Screen

Three Different Pre-set Blending Programs



- The compact design saves installation space, ideal for a small kitchen.
- Touch-panel screens enable easy operation.
- Blending method without pressure on rice enables to produce highest quality “shari” (sushi rice) just like experienced sushi chef’s make.
- Three different pre-set blending programs are selectable, depending on the type and amount of rice.
- Rice can be cooled down to the appropriate temperature by a built-in blower during the blending process.
- Available for various applications; “Shari” blended with sushi vinegar, mixed rice with assorted mixtures, loosened rice in fluffier condition and etc.
- The “shari” or processed rice is easily discharged from the drum by a simple touch operation.
- Easy cleaning is possible as washable parts can be dismantled and reassembled without tools.
- Connectable to household electric outlets.

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